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Safety performance at it's best is about bringing together both the technical and personal aspects of workplace health and safety to deliver holistic safety management and provide greater safety experiences to everyone and every workplace.


About Modernistic Safety

Designed to provide key elements of health, safety and design

Modernistic Safety was born in January 2020 with the goal of providing a unique range of services promoting positive wellbeing, in the field of Health and Safety this includes all aspects of working life, from the design and safety of the physical environment, to how workers interact with and feel about their work, the psychosocial climate at work and the overall work organization.
Our services include professional health, safety, wellness, and human factors engineering expertise to provide innovative solutions to solving both common and uncommon workplace problems.
Modernistic Safety work with you and your business to identify risks, pioneer controls, plan strategically and create customized plans of action for your organisation and your workforce.
Our focus is always on building an efficient and results-driven relationship with our clients. 
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Our Services

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Work Health & Safety

Work health and safety (WHS) – involves the management of risks to the health, safety, and welfare of everyone in your workplace.
Our services are customized to meet the specific needs of each client and ensures that the right health and safety practices are established and carried out in order to mitigate harm to workers, as well as your customers, visitors, and suppliers.
Modernistic Safety offers everything from traditional, generalist safety advice through to specialist, and complex safety and human factors supports.
Find out how we can help you achieve your safety goals today.

Psychosocial Risk Mitigation

Psychosocial hazards are factors in the design or management of work that increase the risk of work-related stressors that can lead to negative impacts on mental health, wellbeing, productivity, and safety.
The application of a risk management framework to address psychosocial risks in the workplace is critical in preventing and controlling the impacts on workers’ health.
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Wellness Design 

Technology, competitive markets and the COVID-19 pandemic has seen many changes to the way in which work is performed; workers the world over have been experiencing greater working pressures and we are observing that the emotional, psychological, and cognitive demands on workers are increasing.

Performing optimally and safely at work requires healthy, happy, and engaged workers.

As an employer, investing in a strategic wellness program can reduce absenteeism, workers compensation costs, increase workforce performance and productivity, reduce staff turnover, and improve job satisfaction and workplace morale.

Our Other Services 

Need something outside the above? We also offer: 

  • Auditing 

  • Fatigue Risk Management

  • Occupational Violence Assessments  

  • EAP Effectiveness Assessments

  • Manual Handling Risk Assessment 

  • Fire Safety Advisory Services 

  • Design Consultation 

  • Training 

  • Project Management 

Safety Management Systems Online

Modernistic Safety is proudly supporting Kitney Toolkit 365 as a Network Member. 

We are offering local support for the purchase, design and implementation of Online Safety Management Systems. 

As a Network Partner of Kitney Toolkit, online systems, bundles, documents, and training are available through Modernistic Safety along with Kitney Toolkit's insights and support on using Microsoft 365 for WHS and wider business management. 

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