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We perform psychosocial risk management to bring together the technical and personal aspects of workplace health and safety. We aim to deliver holistic safety management and provide greater safety experiences to everyone by creating mentally healthy workplaces.

We focus on workforce engagement, creating mentally healthy workplaces and developing user-friendly, human-designed safety systems and strategies. Some of the psychosocial services we provide to promote the awareness of mental health at work include:

Creating Mentally Healthy Workplaces: Text

If you are concerned about productivity, workplace conflict or workforce morale, our workplace mental health programs can give you the tools you need to create a safe workspace that is accepting of mental health struggles.

We can help you determine if your safety systems are working effectively to prevent and manage the need for presenteeism, absenteeism, and silent quitting. We can teach you the ins and outs of workplace mental health support and how you can help your employees.

Focussing on human factors, risk management, operational safety strategy and psychosocial risk mitigation, we are driven to turn innovative ideas into realities. We work with businesses to build on their current processes and discover strategies, including mental health training in the workplace.

  • Psychosocial risk profiling and risk assessments

  • Work-related stressors identification and mitigation action planning

  • Testing employee assistance program effectiveness  

  • Fatigue risk management plans

  • Occupational violence assessments and risk reduction plans

  • Bullying and harassment awareness and training

  • Mentally healthy system and workplace design

  • Management coaching and professional development

  • Mental health workplace training

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Creating Mentally Healthy Workplaces: Services
Creating Mentally Healthy Workplaces: Text
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