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The Effectiveness of EAP in the mitgation of psychological harm caused by Work Related Stress

November, 2019

EAPs in workplaces are still one of the most popular methods of mitigating psychological harm arising from workplace stress, yet 7,200 Australians were compensated for work-related mental health conditions between 2014-2015, costing approximately $543 million in workers’ compensation.
This raises the question; just how effective are EAPs in the mitigation of work-related psychological harm? This study seeks to find the answer.

Understanding Work Related stressors 

November, 2019

What are the common work-related stressors? and how do these differ from industry to industry?

This paper seeks to outline the key industry stressors contributing to psychological harm.

The Psychosocial Risk Management Process


Exploring the risk management approach to creating mentally healthy workplaces

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