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Psychosocial Risk Management 

People are important, and empowering business leaders and the workforce to achieve higher standards of Safety is deeply close to our hearts. Modernistic Safety was formed to bridge the gap between traditional safety management and today’s more contemporary workplace needs.

The Workplace Health and Safety Act requires employers to provide and maintain a working environment that is safe and without risks to health, so far as is reasonably practicable. Understanding and managing psychosocial risks forms part of this responsibility.

Specific services we offer include -

* Work Related Stress Profiling and Stress Management Action Planning

* Employee Assistance Program Effectiveness Assessments 
* Psychosocial Risk Assessments
* Fatigue Risk Management Plans 
* Occupational Violence Assessments 
* Bullying and Harassment Training sessions 

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Safety & Human Factors 

We work with you to achieve your safety goals and outcomes by delivering the right information and supports through highly qualified and experienced consultants. 

​Areas of service include -
* Generalist Work Health and Safety Services 
* Risk Management 
* Workplace Inspections and Auditing 

* Fire Safety Advisory Services
* Workplace Design Safety Assessments
* Job Design Consultation 
* Manual Task Risk Assessments 

* Ergonomic Assessment
* Training

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Ask us today, we can offer most safety related services from routine advice to dealing with the tuff stuff, we're here for you.


Wellness Design

Happier, healthier workers equate to a healthier, more productive, and profitable business.

​With more onus on employers to manage and support positive mental health and wellness at work, we can help your workplace with systems and strategies to support positive outcomes in this space, including -

* Identifying Wellness needs

* Well-being Program Design  
* Wellness Policy and Procedural Development
* Individual and Team Coaching 
* Training in wellness related topics

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Safety Management Systems Support

Having the right Safety Management Systems in place, that can both support, and compliment your business is fundamental to success. 

Ensure your safety systems work for you - 

* Safety System Needs Analysis (Mapping to ISO Standards) 
* Human Design System Integration 

* Policy and procedure review  
* Development of Human Factors and Psychosocial policy and procedures.


Training, mentoring and coaching 

We offer a number of different training, capability building, coaching and mentoring solutions for most workplace needs. 

​Ask us today about how we can tailor training specifically for you.